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I’m Emma

Since 2017 my new found yoga journey inspired me to train to be a yoga teacher which has totally enriched my life and brings me an immense amount of joy and satisfaction.


How it started

The Yoga journey begins

On a dark Thursday in very early January in 2017 evening I sat waiting in a local school reception clutching a water bottle and a yoga mat.  In some new leggings and a t-shirt.  I was huddled into myself and 2 other people arrived. They smiled and made some conversation, reassuring me that the teacher was lovely and they had returned for another term as they enjoyed the classes very much.  We were waiting for our teacher and to be allowed into a space for a yoga class.  My first yoga class, I was, it is fair to say terrified!  It was probably one of the first times I had been out of the house by myself for a while.  I was suffering with depression and anxiety.  Yoga had been suggested to me by a number of people for quite a few years, but I had never ever pursued it.  Earlier in the week I had seen a Tweet about a local yoga class, I responded and was now sat waiting…

“The more you care about yourself makes you more beautiful.”

Emma Fryer

Yoga Teacher


My soon to be yoga teacher arrived and we filed in to the studio and I did as the others did and unrolled my mat and sat quietly. She came over and spoke to me and made me feel welcome and at ease. The lights were turned out and the glow of  4 heaters illuminated the room. There was some music playing and it felt like no exercise class I had ever been to.  For good reason this was not an exercise class it was a yoga class.  I did the 60 minute class, really enjoyed it and no surprise the relaxation part at the end was the best bit! That was it the start of my journey. As well as this class I started to attend a Yin classes on a Sunday evening. Those classes were even more helpful to me in terms of mindfulness and helping with my mental health.  I was soon attending her Vinyasa flow classes as well.

I was hooked, I attended classes in Florida when on holiday and ventured to other classes in my local area.  None quite the same as another. Fast forward to 2019 September and I am waiting again, clutching my yoga mat a bag with lunch, books a new pencil case and notebook.  Off to London I went to start a new yoga journey.  This time training to be a yoga teacher and the first step 200 hour training.  The decision to start the journey was discussed and encouraged by my teachers and colleagues. It’s been quite a journey so far and I hope to share more as the months roll by

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