Face Oil £10

Is a wonderful blend of fabulous oils that are bursting with goodness to nourish, your skin helping it repair from the daily ‘stuff’ it goes through. It contains loads of essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B complex as well as all the other benefits that amazing essential oils provide. Because of the molecular make-up of the oils included they absorb into the skin and penetrate with all of their loveliness deep down, rather than just coating the surface of your skin. The bottles are 30ml and are £10 each

Lip Balm £3

I have suffered with dry and cracking lips for years and accumulated so many lip balms and salves that every coat pocket, bag and don’t get me started on my desk had at least one in it or on it! Contains just a few natural ingredients and is super nourishing and lasts for ages on your lips without having to reapply. Unless of course you just love it and want to!

Room Spray £8

started learning Yoga at the beginning of this year and my wonderful teacher creates a lovely practice environment by having the room in low light, heating the room as well as spraying an essential oil room spray by a well known retailer.
So I did some research and started creating my own and getting her to test them out. They were received very well and plenty of other blends have been imagined and created since.
Options include
Autumn Blend
Christmas Blend

Comfort Balm £5 or £10

I suffer from a small patch of eczema and having read some interesting articles about ‘calendula’ I decided I would have a go at creating a balm to soothe it. It really helped and after my dad had a fall and his feet were very dry and full of a rash I decided I would try it on him. It really helped where no other lotions or creams had. My sister in law uses it on her scaly elbows and lots of my friends use it on their dry feet.
Options are for a small jar £5 or a large jar £10

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