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The following has been SUSPENDED due to Cambridgeshire being placed into a Tier 4 Lockdown.  I will of course update you all when I have positive news!


The New Year always seems to be full of promise and resolutions for a better year than the previous one.
Intentions to start new hobbies or activities and perhaps release old habits and things that don’t resonate or serve us any longer. In Sanskrit this is known as ‘Sankalpa’ albeit a very loose translation. The Sanskrit term¬† has a deeper more gentle meaning.

I don’t think we need to mention much about 2020, we all know how it has been and it has held different challenges for us all.
2021 shows glimmers of hope, small flickers that we perhaps need to nurture to bring to fruition.

If you are new to Yoga and you have been meaning to try it out, please do come along and see what you think.
This is a practice without judgement, with options for you to take that are appropriate for you and your body.
There are no gymnastic contortions to contend with.

If you would like to have a chat or have questions to ask, please do reach out to me.

Until the end of March (13 weeks) I will be offering the following practices.
At The Gardiner Memorial Hall, High Street, Burwell, Cambridgeshire.

5th January Tuesday 10am
6th January Wednesday 6pm
6th January Wednesday 7.15pm
12th January Tuesday 10am
13th January Wednesday 6pm
13th January Wednesday 7.15pm
19th January Tuesday 10am
20th January Wednesday 6pm
20th January Wednesday 7.15pm
26th January Tuesday 10am
27th January Wednesday 6pm
27th January Wednesday 7.15pm

2nd February Tuesday 10am
3rd February Wednesday 6pm
3rd February Wednesday 7.15pm
9th February Tuesday 10am
10th Feburary Wednesday 6pm
10th February Wednesday 7.15pm
16th February Tuesday 10am
17th February Wednesday 6pm
17th February Wednesday 7.15pm
23rd February Tuesday 10am
24th February Wednesday 6pm
24th February Wednesday 7.15pm

2nd March Tuesday 10am
3rd March Wednesday 6pm
3rd March Wednesday 7.15pm
9th March Tuesday 10am
10th March Wednesday 6pm
10th March Wednesday 7.15pm
16th March Tuesday 10am
17th March Wednesday 6pm
17th March Wednesday 7.15pm
23rd March Tuesday 10am
24th March Wednesday 6pm
24th March Wednesday 7.15pm
30th March Tuesday 10am
31st March Wednesday 6pm
31st March Wednesday 7.15pm

Additionally please keep a look out for some exciting things coming in May and June!