Whether you love or dread the season of winter, the seasons turn, eventually summer draws to a close, the harvest is done and the days become shorter, the darkness encroaches a little more into our lives.
The autumn equinox, signals the beginning of this season, marking a return to the equanimity of light and dark before the darkness becomes more prominent, until the light returns at the winter solstice.
People I have spoken to who are really winter averse name the loss of the light as the most influential factor in their dislike of the season.
Preparing to Winter is an an event inspired after reading ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May.
The event will comprise asana / movement practice as well as restorative and yoga nidra practice.
Beautifully woven with themes from the yoga sutras and ancient teachings, that might offer some resources to rely on, not just in the season of winter, but at moments in our lives when it feels like winter.
Teachings of ‘Ahimsa,’  ‘Santosha’ and ‘Apraigraha’ to name just a few of the sanskrit terms that have helped build the foundation of this event and encourage us both on and off the mat. These terms translate in a number of different ways, however ‘Ahimsa’ is commonly translated into encouraging non violence, practiced as, non judgement, kindness and compassion.  Too often we leave ourselves last on the list, to be kind and compassionate to. ‘Aparagriha’ as non grasping, non attachment, perhaps practiced as being aware that the only constant is change, so being satisfied with what we have and therefore we become free of the suffering of loss. ‘Santosha’ is often described in translation as contentment or complete acceptance.  A practice of letting go of the ‘I’ll be happy when…’
So is there something about winter that we can learn to accept, to enjoy, to make the most of? Those who tell me they enjoy winter say it is all about the ‘cosy.’ enjoying their winter boots, a favourite jumper, a long dog walk, hot chocolate also comes quite high up the list too. We might perhaps sneak that cosiness in as we have a break in our collective practice together.

Sunday 24th September, 10am | 3 hours  | In-person £45 | Yoga At The Barn, Manor Farm, Bourn, Cambridgeshire |
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