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I don’t know about you but this very trendy sounding term ‘Self Care’ is sneaking more and more into my awareness.  Lots of ‘experts’ seem to be using all sorts of phrases and images that I am not sure are particularly helpful to people who need to practice some self care. You know the stuff ‘Self Care isn’t Selfish’ and images of a bubble bath or something similar.

Ok So let’s talk real self care, real life stuff cos let’s face it going for a bubble bath in the middle of the whirlwind you might be in, probably isn’t possible, and you might not even like bubble baths!
The toughest part of self care in my opinion is spotting when you need it.  For me personally I notice I am holding my breath or that sounds are intruding and feel a little overwhelming.  I notice I rub my face and eyes a lot too.  This is my indication to do some self care.

It can be as simple as stopping what I am doing, going outside and taking a few measured breaths.  It might be that I can take myself off for a walk.  Sometimes I will just go and make a cup of tea, where the process itself is methodical and I can just take a little time out to come back to now.  It really could be anything that means I have attended to me and what I need right now, in that moment.  For me that is the true essence of self care.

Of course I am not adverse to a bubble bath, a massage or a pamper day, but as the last 12 months have shown it isn’t always possible.  I may also turn to something creative at times so that I can focus on and enjoy, it is always nice to come away with an end product.  There are as many choices and options for self care as there are stars in the galaxy.

Sometimes however we don’t recognise those signs, we might not take those few moments to just breathe or attend to what we need in that moment.  We get caught up in the day to day, the frenetic busy’ness and we don’t let ourselves just ‘be.’  Yoga worked it’s magic on me and has really given me what I consider a huge gift.  The ability to breathe, to pause, to ask of myself what I need and attend to it.

So what is it that you need, right now, in this moment?

image by Felix Mittermeier – Pexels